Cybrigade.org is an autonomous collective with reference to the social struggles as these are expressed in cyberspace, considering that it is one more “field of battle” against oppression and control, the imposition and the manipulation, all forms of attacks of technocrats and plutocracy, in the efforts of everyone to brake their bonds.
Our aim is to contribute in the creation of a free society, a world released from any form of established hierarchy, oppression, a world where the freedom of expression will not end there, where the commandments of representative democracy begin.
At the basis of this objective, via technical resources, we provide the communication means to anyone (collective or individual) which has chosen sides against the capitalism and its local political expressions.
We are organized based in autonomy, the reciprocal aid, the attendance in the information, the knowledge and the resources, the not-oppressive work, the social creation, and the safety of communications.
In this fight we consider that it is of vital importance the communities of resistance to be in position to cover their needs regarding communication, informing and the freedom of expression.
In this frame we give the opportunity to groups and individuals of using technology in their fight for freedom. We work in order to support each other so as to overcome the system’s oppression that is established, among others, in the monopolistic growth and use of technology.
We support and promote the direct democracy, self – determinism, the self-governing of social wealth, the local autonomy, the expropriation of nature.
We stand hostile toward all kinds of racism, racial-sexual-social and any other ideology that separates and rates humans in the basis of social constructions.
As cybrigade we certify the common aim and solidarity on the anticapitalistic political space.
Nevertheless we cannot accept hegemony logics, manipulation and absolutism.

We ask you to not use our services in order to support anything such as:

  • Any form of rated social organization and its institutions.
  • Religious propaganda.
  • Personal or collective projection for spectacular reasons
  • Any speculation about profit.
  • Argumentation that is supported based on state law, justice.